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The stability of a structure depends on the integrity of its foundation.  Groundwork Engineering Limited ensures geotechnical investigations are completed to determine existing soil, rock and groundwater conditions for future designs.  The results of these studies allow for the production of drawings and specifications that take into account the structure’s requirements, the longevity of the structure and the land.

Groundwork Engineering is a member of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS).

Available Services:

  • Soil and Water Sampling and Monitoring

  • In-Situ Percolation Testing

  • Special Construction Design

    • Geosynthetics

    • Reinforced Earth Structures

    • Segmental Retaining Walls

    • Gabion Earth Retaining Structures

    • Expanded Polystyrene Structural Fill

  • Failure Analysis and Remediation Design 

    • Retaining Walls

    • Slopes and Embankments

    • Shoreline Erosion 

    • Slope Stability 

  • Geomembrane and Clay-Lined Lagoon Design

  • Construction Inspection

    • Subgrade Inspections

    • Engineered Fill Design and Placement Supervision

    • Piles, Shoring and Earth Structures

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